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Messy Church was the creation of Lucy Moore, wife of minister Paul, at St Wilfrid’s Anglican church in Portsmouth in 2005.  “Messy Church came out of the frustration of knowing that we had good premises, good leaders, some good ideas, but few children and families turning up on a Sunday.  The realisation that we simply weren’t connecting was the starting point,”  says Lucy.

Since then Lucy has shared the Messy Church model and learnings and developed numerous resources to encourage others to try this “fresh expression” of being church. There are now 1000’s of “Messy churches” all across the world including many in New Zealand.

Read more on the Messy Church website, borrow the books and DVD’s from Kids Friendly or purchase your own from the Bible Society.

Messy Church…
  • is a way of being church for all ages involving fun
  • is a church, not a craft club, that helps people encounter Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  • is found across the world
  • values are Christ-centred, intergenerational, creativity, hospitality and celebration
“Get Messy” A Quarterly E-Magazine

A review by Rev Nikki Watkin  

If you are involved in Messy Church or hope to be in the future then this new magazine might be just the thing you are looking for. The publication includes resources for running four separate Messy Church programmes which you can use “as is” or as a resource to inform and inspire your own planning.  Also included are encouraging stories from other churches’ experiences, and articles to stimulate further thinking and discussion. Although not to be copied, the brief one–page articles could be used to lead a team reflection beyond the pragmatic “What are we doing next month” to wider issues that might otherwise be ignored. For example: “Reflections on the Messy Church value of Hospitality” or “Take it Home” are each one-page reflections on issues that affect all Messy Churches. Questions to ponder include: “How well are we offering Christ-like hospitality?”  “How do we encourage those attending our Messy Church to take home what they learn with us?”

The “Dear Jane” column offers some answers to common Messy Church issues. Useful resources are also introduced such as “Mealtime Cards” – fun conversation starters to use at a Messy Church meal. For the very reasonable cost of £4 a quarter or £15 per year this resource is highly recommended!

Download the latest copy of “Get Messy”

To subscribe go to http://www.brfonline.org.uk/getmessy/ and for back orders e-mail enquiries@brf.org.uk.

A Messy Church Worship Resource

A tip from Lucy Moore’s blog: www.messychurch.org.uk/messy-blogLM_and_banner

Friends and Heroes – FREE DVD’S for all age worship

“Friends and Heroes have some great videos that are just the right length for use in Messy Church celebrations – 2-3 minutes or thereabouts. They use footage from the Friends and Heroes DVDs to illustrate the song lyrics, so they go beyond just the story in the title. They’re excellent quality, both in sound and images, and the style is attractive to adults and to children. And the Christmas one has a most attractive donkey.  Well worth checking out and seeing where they might fit with your themes over the coming year, even if you’re not covering that exact story. These are free, which I think most generous of F&H.”

See http://www.friendsandheroes.com/uk/music-videos