worship-together-adventThis resource is a collaboration between Kids Friendly and Malcolm Gordon of Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership.  Our hope is that this is the beginning of a series of resources to encourage and facilitate intergenerational worship in our churches. 

Introducing Worship Together: ADVENT

Advent is a time of waiting and watching. In this resource we have created opportunities for all God’s people to wait and watch together. Some of us, like Simeon and Anna have been waiting for decades, and we’re very good at it. Our children and young people can learn something from that kind of faithfulness. Some of us, like Simeon and Anna, have been waiting for decades and we’re tired. Our children and young people can help us rediscover the excitement and anticipation that comes with keeping an eye out for God. Our hope is that this resource might help your congregation give and receive gifts with one another, as we watch for the coming of God’s great gift to the world.

Creating this resource

This resource was created by a group of talented intergenerational worship practitioners.  Over a day we mapped out the characters with whom we wanted to journey through Advent. We chose to merge the Koru with the Advent wreath, to suggest a pathway to the centre where we can meet Christ. A pathway that is winding and one where we can’t always distinguish the ending from the begining.   We gathered around our Koru-wreath-pathway.  We used Lectio Divina to attend to each passage and hear what God was saying to us. We asked: ‘what could it look like to pray this with the whole church?’, ‘how could we sing this?’, ‘how might we hear God speak?’

Download Worship Together: ADVENT

Download Advent 1 PowerPoint

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