15 May 2020

What about our Preschool Playgroup/Music Group? Can it operate at Level 2? 

Several people have enquired as to whether they can operate their church’s preschool group or music group at the Covid-19, Level 2 Alert stage.  In discussion with the PCANZ Compliance Director, Matthew Hague, here are our recommendations.

Firstly, we direct you to the most recent (13 May) PCANZ Guidance as well as the government’s Covid-19 page. 

Please note that “in the first two weeks of Level 2 that socialising, gatherings and recreation activities must be kept to no more than 10 people to enable contact tracing”, and that a COVID-19 Safety Plan needs to be completed by your Health and Safety Officer and lodged with your presbytery (who have asked specifically that they receive a copy) and acknowledged by them before you operate under Level 2. 

We highlight the frequently asked question: What about Ministry of Education approved playgroups and other ECE activities? If a playgroup or other activity is an approved early learning service they can reopen in line with the Ministry of Education rules and may not be subject to the 10 person limit. It is the responsibility of the early learning service to comply with the rules. If an activity is in a church building, the local health and safety officer can decide whether or not that activity should take place.

It is the recommendation of the Children and Families – whānau-based ministry, that Preschool Playgroups/Music Groups refrain from meeting during Level 2, but decisions should be made at a local level. 

Please consider alternative ways of reaching out to your families during these times. 

mainly music has free on-line sessions available to all: YouTube https://youtu.be/mnh74-gflqg  

Also, you may want to consider offering your own on-line preschool music session through FaceBook Live or through your church website.