Ruby’s Story

Here’s a great story from one of the Trathnsformers Leaders in Training from St Heliers Presbyterian.

Ruby we are so proud of you and the way you are transforming the world!

Good Sorts: The 11-year-old busker with Christmas spirit

Rev Ron Bennett, Minister at St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Hamilton says:

“In 2011 we encouraged four young people to go to the Transformers Camp and what an exciting time they had! All have subsequently contributed to our church services and activities and oozed such positivity, that others can’t wait to be 10 and join them. There has also been an overflow beyond the church. ‘I have done things at school which I would never have attempted before going to the Transformers Camp. I’m so glad I went’, said one girl to her grandparents. I heartily endorse the work of Kids Friendly and recommend Transformers to any church with young people”.