DSC_0063All around NZ there are children’s workers creating and running amazing programmes bursting with original ideas and activities for children on Sundays, midweek clubs and holiday programmes. It’s fantastic when Kids Friendly gets to hear about these and even better when the ideas come in a form that we can share straight away! So our office was abuzz when we received an email from Jenny Jenkins recently asking us to promote her “Free values lessons to teach Kiwi Kids Character”

Jenny is a busy mother of 8, from Mount Baptist, Tauranga, who has been running an after-school kids club teaching “character” for the past 10 years. When the club ended, she felt prompted by God to put her lesson ideas onto a website for ‘teachers all around the world wanting to teach values to their students.’ The website creation has taken Jenny all her ‘spare’ time for about 6 months and is now launched, but she is still adding to it and open to suggestions and additional lessons from users.

The NZ stories and content make it very appealing for using in a variety of contexts- Kids Clubs, holiday programmes, Bible in Schools and Sunday School.  Jenny has kept it mostly secular in content as she saw that there was a gap in this area. (Bible stories relevant to each value could easily be added if desired from a number of free online sources)

This website is WELL worth a visit with easy to use links around 8 aptly named Core values :  Choose with Care, Constantly Kind, Forgive Fast, Honesty Pays, Practice Patience, Tell the Truth, Thoroughly Thankful, Watch your Words.

Click on any one value and there is a sidebar choice of activities with which to shape a lesson or series of lessons. Each core value has a similar set so it is very easy to search and mix and match to find an introductory lesson, games, clapping rhymes, movie links, folk tales, object lessons, quotes, inspiring NZ stories and MORE amongst the 100 plus ideas.

It really is a treasure trove worth exploring!  Click here to find out more: “Free values lessons to teach Kiwi Kids Character”