The 40 days of Lent start on 26 February with Ash WednesdayShrove Tuesday is on 25 February  Celebrating Shrove Tuesday, Palm Sunday is 5 April and marks the start of Holy Week including Maundy Thursday on 9, Good Friday on 10 and Easter Sunday on 12 April.

easter_art_2 webLent is a ritual-rich season that lends itself to inviting children (and families) to engage with the life and death of Jesus. And there’s no need to “edit” Lent for children because all of it is crucial to our and their faith.

We hope the many resources we have sourced from our churches and beyond will equip you to help children and families journey through the season of Lent, towards Christ’s death and resurrection.

If you want a whole lot of ideas in one document download our document A Kids Friendly Lent and Easter, a collection of homegrown resources to inspire you in your Lenten ministry.   Keep sharing your tried and tested ideas and activities too so we can add them to this resource.

Families Journey through Lent Calendar 2019

Lent Wreath KidsFriendly

Journeying through Lent

Click here for lots of resources for journeying through Lent with children and resources to help families share Lent with their children.

Sharing the Easter Story

Click here to explore lots of creative resources and ideas for sharing the Easter story.

Lent and Easter Worship Together

Click here for resources for Easter worship together in the traditional Sunday church and other intergenerational events.

Easter Prayers

Click here for interactive Easter prayers, prayer stations, stations of the cross and more….

Top picks for Easter

Click here to explore some of our favourite websites with lots of great ideas for sharing Lent and Easter with children and families.


Lent is an ideal time for families to introduce weekly devotions into their home.  Click here for lots of ideas to help families journey together through Lent.


facebook-and-pinterest-logo-e1396020744630Keep checking our Kids Friendly facebook page and Pinterest too for more ideas and resources for sharing Lent with children.