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Use this handy Kids Friendly Planning Calendar as you plan your Kids Friendly year.  Our calendar alerts you to all the holidays, Christian festivals, training opportunities and more to plan your children’s ministry.

This is a brilliant planning calendar.  We use it to plan our year, slotting in our teaching themes, events etc.”  Rev Jim Wallace, St Enoch’s Presbyterian Church, Tauranga


The Kids Friendly Ideals and Self-Review

This resource has been developed to assist churches to review their ministry to children and families and set goals towards becoming a “Kids Friendly” church.  A church’s commitment to being “Kids Friendly” is articulated in its vision and mission and expressed through its actions, attitudes, programmes, policies, procedures, budgets, environment and personnel.

Kids Friendly is an ethos and value that churches aspire and commit to.  Recognising that there are many ways to express this, this resource provides lots of ideas to help churches work towards achieving the KIDS FRIENDLY IDEALS.

It is not a test and there is no pass mark.  Rather it seeks to initiate honest conversation about how effectively we “let the children come”.

This resource is only available to churches who “contract” to work to become a Kids Friendly church.  To find out more contact Robin or Cheryl.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Children’s Ministry

Many churches have expressed difficulty in developing a strategic plan for children’s ministry. The Kids Friendly self-review process helps churches identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges and set goals for effective ministry to children and families. This resource helps church’s write a strategic plan for children’s ministry based on their Kids Friendly self-review.

Download   Developing A Strategic Plan In Response to Your Kids Friendly Review (2018)

Children’s Ministry Action Plan Template

Churches have found it helpful to record the goals identified through the Kids Friendly self-review process into an action plan for the year with columns for action, responsibility and timing.

Download Action Plan Summary for Kids Friendly Self Review

Example of Children’s Ministry Action Plan

Flagstaff church in Dunedin shares their children’s ministry action plan developed in response to their Kids Friendly self-review.

Download Action Plan Example (Flagstaff) for Kids Friendly Self Review

 Sample Graphic Children’s Ministry Plan

It can be helpful to document our church’s children and families’ ministry activities graphically. This resource was developed for our planning meeting at St Heliers and it was useful for giving us a bird’s eye view of our ministry and helping volunteers identify the areas to which they wished to contribute.  Download

Choosing a Curriculum

We regularly update this resource that is packed full of ideas on choosing curriculum, bibles and more.  Please let us know if you have any curriculum you would like to recommend to others and we will add your ideas too.

Download Choosing a Curriculum

And for a quick overview of all curriculum included in this resource download our table with an overview of Curriculum Choices

Download Overview of Curriculum Choices

Branding your church Kids Friendly

This resource is made available to churches once they have been assessed Kids Friendly. It gives ideas on how to communicate and promote your Kids Friendly status to your congregation and community. It comes with a CD of Kids Friendly artwork/logos for your use.

Building for Mission

A church’s building is a tool to fulfill God’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. A church needs a building project when its mission is hindered by its present facilities. The clearer a church understands its mission and the clearer it is able to envision what God is calling it to be and do, the easier it will be to determine what is needed in the new/renovated building.

Download Building for Mission