Establishing a Ministry to Preschoolers and their FamiliesPicture15

Jesus commands us to “let the children come”. Many of our churches have no or few children attending worship services or participating in the life of the church during the week. The leaders at Kids Friendly Clevedon Presbyterian Church, have shared their extensive experience in running a family ministry to help us develop this resource. We hope it will inspire and assist churches to establish a family ministry and connect with and serve the children and families in their communities.  Download 

Kids Club – Connecting with Community Children

The way we minister to children on Sundays is vitally important. But with only 5% of children attending church on Sundays, we need to explore other opportunities to connect and share the gospel with a huge and untapped “market” of children in our communities. Kids Club is one way churches are effectively ministering to children on other days of the week. This resource has been developed to help churches establish a programme aimed at connecting with community children on a regular basis.  Download

Strengthening Bridges – Connecting Outreach Families and the Church

This resource contains suggestions for linking outreach ministry (e.g. mainly music or Kids Club) families and the church, including: “bringing God” (Christianity) to the outreach ministry, inviting participants to “church” and creating opportunities for them to experience/come to know God. It also has suggestions for helping the congregation understand that what happens during the week is a ministry and is spiritually important for many participants, and for encouraging the Sunday congregation to contribute to the ministry.  Download

Running a Holiday Programme

Kids Friendly churches are intent on connecting with and serving their communities of children and families. Holiday programmes are an effective way of doing this. They offer opportunity for churches to be salt and light in their community and develop friendships with children and families that may never come on Sundays.  Download

Running a Great Holiday Programme- by Mary Somerville, Coastal Unity, Dunedin

Whether you are planning a half day or a whole day Holiday Programme this resource by Mary Sommerville of Coastal Unity, Dunedin, will give you useful tips and ideas on how to make your Holiday Programme fun and safe for everyone.  Download

The Amazing Message

This four day holiday programme was written by the team at Flagstaff Community Church in Dunedin.  It’s based on Paul’s adventures and his sharing of the gospel and Jesus. Thanks Cheryl, Carolyn and the Flagstaff team for sharing this wonderful resource with us.  Download