Pic - Kids Friendly Coaching Clinic 4The Kids Friendly Coaches offer training on a variety of topics (see list below) and also are willing to design training workshops specifically to meet your needs.  All training is free although we do appreciate contributions towards our travel costs.

Contact us if you’d like to work with us to organise a training event for your church or region.

Training Workshop Topics

Sticky Faith: Christian Education and Faith Formation

This workshop challenges our Christian education views and practices and explores ways to nurture and encourage children’s spirituality and faith, offer children sacred experiences, create opportunities for children to practise Christianity and facilitate creative sharing of God’s and our story of vision and faith.

“Imparting knowledge about Christianity is an inadequate method of promoting Christian identity and agency.  Religious education for a lived Christian faith is an ontological (whole being) enterprise that is to inform, form and transform people in heads, hearts and lifestyle.”

Moving Your Church – Culture Change

This workshop deals with how to bring about a change of culture in a congregation.  It explores people’s (churches) resistance to change and how to overcome this.  It looks at how the process of becoming a “Kids Friendly” church can be effective for changing a church’s culture.

Strengthening Bridges

This workshop continues on from our “Building Bridges” workshop. It explores how churches can deepen and strengthen connections with those they are already serving in their communities. Topics include recognising our calling, understanding the fears of the “unchurched”, responding to a post-Christendom society, embracing the opportunities offered by children, Fresh Expressions of church and lots more challenging and inspiring stuff!

“Without bridges to the world, churches fade into isolation and irrelevance.”

Help there’s a child in my church – worshipping with children

This workshop explores reasons for including children in some part of the all age worship service and introduces creative ways to engage, involve and value children in worship.

A Kids Friendly Sunday

This workshop explores how Kids Friendly churches welcome children, engage and involve children in all age worship (for or part of the service) and provide a Kids Friendly Sunday School.

Building Bridges – connecting with community

This workshop explores why “We”, God’s church, should reach out to children and families in our communities and introduces some ideas and opportunities for effective outreach. A response to Jesus’ call to “Go” into our communities and serve.

Partnering with parents

“Parents are the primary faith teachers, mentor and role models for their own children with church as reinforcement – not replacement – of the parent’s duties.” (Faith Inkubators).

This workshop explores how we, “the church” can:

  • Transform parents’ beliefs about their role as spiritual nurturer
  • Facilitate parents to teach and practise the faith in their homes
  • Support parents by offering an inclusive and inspirational worshipping community for them and their children

Sharing Faith@Home

This is as fun and interactive workshop for parents to inspire them to share their faith with their children and explore opportunities and ways to do that. We aim to empower and equip parents to be the prime spiritual nurturers.

Tell us another one – Sharing our Stories with Children

This workshop explores the power of storytelling and teaches creative ways to share the good news of Jesus with children in church and children’s programmes.

Planning your children’s ministry year

This workshop explores why we minister to children, what is children’s ministry in Aotearoa and helps you develop a strategic plan for your children’s ministry.

Raising the Bar – Sunday School leaders training

This workshop normally requires up to two hours.  Together we review leaders’ values and gifts, the current programme, set goals for making it even better and then explore many creative teaching skills together.

Growing Leaders

In this workshop we explore why we should encourage leadership in our young people and ways to do this. Lots of inspiring stories from our churches are shared and research on the benefits of mentoring and involving children is included.