S.K.I.P Resources

(SKIP: Strategies for Kids, Information for Parents)

I just ordered these FREE amazing resources from SKIP and have made up some packs to give to children’s ministry leaders as I visit.  Their resources (booklets, posters, stickers, fridge magnets) are great to give to parents in your ministries.  See also the NEW phone app for parents with under 5’s with LOTS of very practical help and ideas right at your fingertips. Just order online.  Thank you NZ Govt!Cheryl Harray.

 Free values lessons to teach Kiwi Kids Character

boy diggingThis homegrown resources is offered free of charge by its creator Jenny Jenkins, a mum of 8 and home schooler from Tauranga.

I ran an after-school kids club at Mt Baptist teaching “character” for 10 years. When the club ended, I felt prompted by God to put my lesson ideas onto a website for teachers all around the world wanting to teach values to their students.

This website is WELL worth a visit with easy to use links around 8 aptly named Core values : Choose with Care, Constantly Kind, Forgive Fast, Honesty Pays, Practice Patience, Tell the Truth, Thoroughly Thankful, Watch your Words.

The NZ stories and content make it very appealing for using in a variety of contexts- Kids Clubs, holiday programmes, Bible in Schools and Sunday School.  Jenny has kept it mostly secular in content as she saw that there was a gap in this area. (Bible stories relevant to each value could easily be added if desired from a number of free online sources).

Read more…. and visit the website: Free values lessons to teach Kiwi Kids Character

Building Faith: Home Practices

family-prayer-hands-150x150Research and experience both tell us that people who grow up with regular faith-building practices (rituals) at home often develop a faith that is more resilient than it would be had they simply attended church once a week.  We love Building Faith, a website that offers faith practices for the home that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful.  Visit Building Faith for inspiration for praying in the car, blessing one another, creating sacred spaces at home, and much more! Subscribe to their weekly e-news too.