100 Things Every Child Should Know Before Confirmation

I discovered this book on Rebecca Kirkpatrick’s blog “Bread, Not Stones.”  (Great blog, by the way!)  It’s the outgrowth of years of posting about the different things she hoped her ‘confirmands’ would know when they came to her for class.  As children’s ministry leaders, it is a wonderful outline for us to aim for.  Beware: it can be overwhelming, but just take it piece by piece and congratulate yourself on the parts that you’ve already shared with your children.  The book can be purchased via Book Depository: here.  The blog has an outline of all the topics she covers: here.  I am so excited to have something to frame my goals and objectives beyond “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEXT WEEK???”  This book is a wonderful challenge to us all! Kaila Pettigrove

Here2Stay:  10 Formational Pillars For Ministry

Here2StayCurrent Australasian research is shouting to us that our current ‘GIFT generation’ of young people (Google, iDevice, FaceBook, Twitter), which is more “connected” and more isolated than generations before them, is walking away from church and/or faith in their early adolescent years. A brief survey of some authors from across the Western world reveals that this concerning trend is not limited to our shores.

Despite all our incredible children’s, youth and young adult programs, we have not been able to stop this mass exodus from our churches. We have not just lost one generation, we are losing several.  David Sawler, Goodbye Generation (USA)

Here2Stay is an Australian movement created to stop the flow of young people out of our churches and away from God. Here2Stay aims to combine the efforts of Church Leaders, Children’s Ministry leaders, and Christian Organisations to bring back discipleship and focus on the spiritual formation of our children.

Click Here2Stay for an outline of the 10 Formational Pillars of discipleship and children’s ministry.