Employing a Children’s Ministry Worker

Congratulations on your decision to employ a Children’s Ministry Worker. Experience shows that this step will enhance and grow your ministry. This resource provides some important direction for the employment process including defining the needs and the role, preparing the contract, induction, support, remuneration etc.


Recommended Pay Scale for Lay Ministry Staff 2017

Presbyterian Youth Ministry and Kids Friendly have developed this resource as a guide for churches employing lay ministry workers.  We know that employers who exercise best practice and pay fair wages are more likely to attract quality staff who are committed to a long-term effective ministry.

In 2012 PCANZ  recommended the Living Wage as the minimum payment for all employees. The Living Wage is currently set at $20.20 (2017). This is the minimum amount any lay ministry staff member should be paid.  In addition to the current living wage, it is recommended that churches take into account qualifications, experience, responsibility and their location when determining the pay.

This handy guide will help you calculate the cost of employing a lay ministry worker including:

  1. The lay ministry worker pay package
  2. Employment expenses – Kiwi saver contribution, professional development, mobile phone etc.
  3. Ministry budget – curriculum, materials, equipment etc.

Download  Recommended Pay Scale for Lay Ministry Staff (2017)