Our Kids Friendly Coaches are available to work with your church leaders to review your church’s mission and ministry with the children and families of your community and help you to identify and achieve your Kids Friendly goals.  If you would like to meet with a Kids Friendly coach, please contact Robin (National Coach) or Cheryl (Synod of Otago & Southland).

We needed help with structuring our Kids Church and exploring ways we could more effectively welcome children and share our faith with them. We also needed some guidance on how to effectively and safely recruit volunteer leaders and helpers. Having a two hour coaching meeting with Jill helped us immensely. We went into the meeting feeling very discouraged, frustrated and weighed down; and left the meeting feeling excited, encouraged, and with restored passion. Jill gave us practical tools and ideas for how to structure the leadership and how to create an environment where children feel welcome.

Tina Millar and Ruth Edgar, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Manurewa

Kids Friendly Consultations for non-Presbyterian churches

In response to the many requests from non-Presbyterian (NZ) churches to learn from our story and experience in cultivating “Kids Friendly” churches, the Kids Friendly Coach is now also available to offer consultation, coaching and training to other denominations for an hourly fee plus travel costs (available to Kids Friendly Network Associate Members).


We aim to keep you up to date with training and professional development opportunities around the country.


Kids Friendly, Baptists, Anglicans and Scripture Union have created a NZ Children’s Ministry Network.  This means there will now be more opportunities for ALL children’s ministry leaders to encourage and learn from each other.

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The Kids Friendly Coaches offer training workshops on a number of topics.

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From time to time the Kids Friendly Team become aware of further professional development opportunities. Generally, these are advertised on our Events page or in our E-news.