Columba College Chaplain, Dr Jennifer Macleod shares these resources for helping children reflect on and process the COVID-19 lockdown. She is happy for us to share them with you, and adapt and use in other contexts too! They could be useful to do at home, or your small groups, or when we gather again.

Processing Lockdown Resource - 1 Processing Lockdown

Processing Lockdown Fill in the shapes with word(s) that express your thoughts around these questions. It can be humorous, and flexible! If you like share them with someone in your bubble, etc.

Processing Lockdown - Resource 2 Lockdown Reflections

Lockdown Reflections Church Print the sheet, maybe on coloured paper, cut up into quarters, and ave them available in your ‘chapel’ (home, church, space) with some blue tack. The idea is that as you come into your gathered space, chose as many as you feel like, write your thoughts/feelings, and blu-tac them on the wall.