cmn-logoIf you are in children’s ministry (regardless of whether you are employed or voluntary) we want you to feel that you are never alone.  There are thousands of passionate, gifted and committed people just like you all over Aotearoa who can support and encourage you.

Check out and join the Children’s Ministry Network to ensure you are aware of opportunities for networking and training.


Participate in these community events for children’s ministry leaders.

In AUCKLAND there’s SPARK PLUS an ecumenical training and networking event that happens three times a year.


In AUCKLAND, WAIKATO, BAY OF PLENTY, CHRISTCHURCH there’s monthly cluster groups run by the  BAPTIST CHURCH of NZ and open to all.  See the Baptist Children and Families website under news and events to find out who your regional coordinator is.


In OTAGO & SOUTHLAND, there is the Children’s Ministry Network that meets in DUNEDIN and INVERCARGILL three times a year.  To find out more or be added to the mailing list contact Cheryl Harray