‘Marking our Time/Making a Stone Cairn’

A cairn is a stack of stones built as a memorial or landmark. Throughout the Old Testament, cairns were erected to mark places of holy significance, where God’s presence had been encountered by God’s people. Likewise, in our lives, there are seasons and moments that are important to mark, for example, we as a country now have our “stay at home” lockdown behind us. The ritual action of making a stone cairn can be one way to mark the season/time of “lockdown” as a time or place where we encountered and experienced God’s presence and friendship.


Gather a few stones/choose a place in your garden for the cairn/stack the stones together as a family/share sometimes when God was with you during “lockdown”/pray the ‘Blessing” to close.


God of Resurrection Life,
We mark this season in the life of our family.
We stack these stones together as a reminder that you have been with us in our ups and downs, in our knowns and unknowns, in our times of joy and sadness over the past months. Each time we pass by our stone cairn we will remember how we have experienced your friendship, your presence, and your love during our time at home together. We give you thanks! We ask that you continue to fill our homes and our
hearts with the life we have because of your Son, our risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen!