Love In Action:  An inspiring curriculum to jump start your children’s passion for social justice.

For our 2016 Love Reaches Out art and writing competition,  we created five LOVE IN ACTION children’s ministry lessons.  The curriculum is written for use in Church and Sunday School Classrooms or outreach ministries.  These lessons and exercises challenge children and adults to:

  • Consider how Jesus showed love for his community.
  • Consider what the Bible says about caring for others and creation.
  • Learn about Christian charities that are caring for their local community in different ways.
  • Take action in their own community (big or small) to show Jesus’s love in action to those around us!

HOW TO USE THE LOVE IN ACTION CURRICULUM:  Tips, tricks and guidelines for getting the most out of your LOVE IN ACTION lessons!

Over 5 weeks (or 5 days of a holiday programme) children can explore the following themes: