Faith BoxHow often do we lament the lack of home grown resources? Faith Box is a fantastic resource created by our very own Rev Nikki Watkin (Kohimarama Presbyterian Church) and Mary Grant (The Parenting Place).

It provides fun and practical tools for making faith-time a regular part of family life.  Try it out for yourself by downloading their FREE Faith Box session – Lord’s Prayer and hear the sweet sound of kids saying “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…”

Have you heard of New Zealander Ian McCormack? He memorised the Lord’s Prayer as a child and recited it as he lay dying from box jellyfish stings. Click here to watch his incredible story in this 45-minute video.



Faith Box now offers the opportunity to download one lesson at a time ($5 each!) to use at home, at church groups or at Sunday School.  You can search their lessons by topic from the website.

To find out more about Faith Box click here.