prayer net
A Prayer Net for Easter and Beyond

Cheryl Harray, Kids Friendly Advisor for the Synod of Otago and Southland, was inspired by an idea she found on Pinterest and set up an Easter prayer net in her church.

We love incorporating active prayer into the service, so all ages can be engaged and participate.  Cheryl Harray

Download A Prayer Net for Easter and Beyond

Five Prayer Stations for Easter5 prayer stations

I wrote this for “Family Connect” our all-age home group, but it could be used in a church context too.  Jill Kayser

Download Five Prayer Stations for Easter

A Yummy Way To Pray togetherPretzel prayer photo

We all retain information better when we use a multisensory approach.  Try this prayer activity as you worship together this Lent and Easter.  Download Pretzels and Prayer