DAS welcome mat18 June 2017:

Jesus set a high standard for His church in terms of including everyone.  If we truly want to emulate Him, then we must remember and seek out those who are sometimes relegated to the fringe of our community.   Living with a disability or having a disabled (or differently-abled) family member can be an isolating experience.  On 19 June this year, churches are challenged to celebrate those with disabilities and find ways to be inclusive in every way possible.  Many of us don’t know where to start.   Here are a few basic resources to get you started and encourage your church to reach out to everyone in our community, regardless of their abilities!

Helpful resources:

It’s OkayIts-OK*  a children’s book by Jo Heslop

Creating Welcoming Churches*  by DSF Network

Disability Awareness Sunday Ideas by Elevate Christian Disability Trust

Welcoming All God’s Children by Jill Kayser, Kids Friendly blog post

*These are available to borrow from the Kids Friendly office.  Contact admin@kidsfriendly.org.nz

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As always, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.  Contact us at the email above to recommend your favourite resources!

*Thanks to Included By Grace for the cover photo!