Why commemorate the Reformation with children?

We think there are at least 5 good reasons:

1. To share an important element of our “Christian” story
2. To remind children that God does extraordinary things through ordinary people
3. To remind children that they (and all Christians) are part of the ongoing reformation
4. To assure children that God’s radical grace is given freely and not earned
5. To help children know and experience that God can speak to us through Scripture

For more on this read our blog 5 reasons to share the story of Martin Luther and the reformation with children


To encourage our churches to include children in their reformation celebrations, we have developed and sourced a range of resources.

A PowerPoint story of Martin Luther and the Reformation

We read quite a few children’s books on Martin Luther and the Reformation but decided none of them captured the essence of the story perfectly so we commissioned Cheryl Harray our Southern Kids Friendly Advisor, ex-primary school teacher and lover of children’s books to create one for us.  Cheryl has written a script and created a PPT using images from books (only enough to meet copyright laws) and Google.  We hope you find it helpful for using in church or your children’s ministry programme.

Download Martin Luther and the Reformation PowerPoint story

Download the script for the Martin Luther and the Reformation PPT story

Children’s ministry resources
Arts, crafts and ideas
 Dramas, skits and stories
Books and stories

 The following link will allow you to look at an overview of the event  An intergenerational Reformation event outline

A Reformation intergenerational worship service
Stories from our churches

We have our Martin Luther playmobile figurine ready to go and we’re going to do feather and ink writing. We are also going to have a German lunch with sausages and sauerkraut! We are also going to buy a recycled door and put it up outside and add an ice cream container of sharpies. Then we are going to have a public art project for people to add their protest of today to the door. We saw this amazing door art installation in Wittenburg which was the inspiration! (see photo).