What’s new? What are the tried and tested favourites for singing the Christmas story with children and all ages together?  Kids Friendly has collated some recommended songs and CDs from people around our churches. Let us know what you love too!

Hey MaryHey Mary

This popular interactive song is from our own Malcolm Gordon and his (then) 5 year old son Sam. Watch the video.  I’m sure you will be as inspired as us and soon lots and lots of congregations will be singing this amazing song this Christmas.

Download the music and lyric sheet from www.onevoice.org.nz 

This song focuses initially on how Mary offers her life to receive and nurture the life of God into the world. Then as we sing the next verses (choosing a new person each time) we realise that in God’s upside down kingdom, God in Christ is coming into the world through each of us.’  Malcolm Gordon

This simple yet powerful song has children wanting to sing the verses over and over until EVERYONE has been named!

Some ideas for activities inspired by this song:

  • Invite children to create and retell their own nativity story using toys.
  • Encourage older children to take photos of the younger children’s creations or what about letting them photograph people in their congregations and make a PowerPoint to go with the song?


Advent-PlaylistThere is a fanatistic list published on Frugal Fun For Boys. Be sure to check it out!

People Came from All Around

Also from Malcolm Gordon (2012). Download the music and lyric sheet from www.onevoice.org.nz 

Ian WhiteChildren’s Collection Ian White

Single songs from the album can be purchased from itunes Popular Christmas songs include Somebody’s Birthday, Joyful News, Would you like to hold a baby, Merry Christmas to You’

A Very Mary Christmas

by Mary Rice Hopkins Listen to and purchase from itunes. Especially popular Angel Band, Sheep Party, Best Story of All. 

Kids Just Love Christmas  and On a High Note 3

These two CD’s from Kids Music Company have some good renditions of favourite carols.  


The Righteous Pop Music Christmas series, created by Mark Bradford, puts Christmas lyrics to hit pop songs. Fun for Christmas celebration services, performances and parties. Jenny McCullough (Knox Waitara) highly recommends this contemporary FUN resource of Christmas songs. Brett Walker (St Columba Taradale) thought the song ‘I’m getting something good’ would go really well with a couple of puppets.

(Christian parody title for original song ‘I’m into something good’)

Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ fine
Got Christmas presents on my mind
I’ve been good all year, like I knew I should, Whoa yeah
Somethin’ tells me I’m gettin’ something good (echo)
I made a long list, I’m not too shy
of all kinds of things everyone can buy
and passed it out to everyone in my neighborhood (echo)
Somethin’ tells me I’m gettin’ something good (echo)
But then I heard of the birth of Christ
how He came down to give me eternal life
Now I know about His love
Now it’s the only gift that I’m dreamin’ of…(echo)
Now every day He holds my hand
I wanna spread the news all over the land
How God gave the greatest gift anybody could (echo)……


Christmas Songs and Rhymes for Preschoolers +

We’ve (Kids Friendly) gathered some of our favourite songs and rhymes that are easy to do with all ages.  Enjoy! Download

WigglesThe Wiggles Christmas Classics

This CD has 10 simple versions of well-known carols for pre-schoolers including Away in a manger, Silent night, Ding dong merrily on high, Unto us this holy night, and a spoken description of the Shepherds following the star.

Christmas for Kids

This Jill Kemp CD has some great songs for young children to learn the Christmas story. 

Hallelujah Christmas SongHallelujah

Written by our own ex-Kids Friendly coach Lucy Davey was released in 2014 by Mainly Music as a Christmas book/CD for any churches to give away to families- well received.  Available from mainly music.


Carol our Christmas

A collection of 52 contemporary carols form New Zealand. (24 on CD of same name) Some used with children including Carol our Christmas, Our upside down Christmas, Don’t tell anyone-shhh, The Jersey cows came mooing, Te Harinui. 

NZ Christmas songs

Check out this website with information on some popular NZ carols  including Te Harinui, Marie te po (Silent Night), An Upside Down Christmas (‘Carol our Christmas’ with a suggested livelier tune for children).  Also some fun ones like A Pukeko in a Ponga tree.

Kiwiana Christmas song and Christ is Born

These CD’s and songbooks by Natalie Yeoman (“Cloud and Fire – songs for the journey’) are available for loan from the Hewitson Library.


Bethlehem Bop by Johnnie Burns on Praise Crazy (Track 6)   is a great song for actions and ‘bopping’ along to.

The Greatest Present on ‘Oh Have you Heard’ CD from Snack music (Track 10).

When Jesus was Born (Beth Barnett) and King of Christmas (Colin Buchanan) are two CDs of Christmas music that are sure to have something you like.


Mary’s Boy Child popular version by Boney M.

Little Drummer Boy – pentatonix version or older kids may like the rap version by Justin Bieber

 Mary had a baby yes Lord  – Works well as a question/response song with two groups.

 Come on Ring those Bells  – there are many versions of this.

Out of the Ark pageant resources have a number of catchy songs.

Download a pdf detailing these resources