Meet our Kids Friendly team.  We are here to serve you and would love to share our passion and knowledge for connecting children with God with you!

National Team

Robin Humphreys is the National Kids Friendly Coach (part-time).  Robin is an ordained minister of the USA Presbyterian church and has also worked as a community children’s ministry leader in New Zealand.  She has extensive experience in outreach and children’s ministry and is passionate about inviting all (women, men and children) into faith communities that offer opportunities to grow in spirit and serve Jesus. She is committed to working with churches to equip them to effectively welcome children and celebrate their presence and giftsRobin is based in Christchurch.


Julie Taylor Penno is the Kids Friendly Administrative Assistant (part-time).




Regional Teams

Cheryl Harray is the Kids Friendly Advisor for the Southern Presbyterians. She has a background in primary teaching and has been involved in children’s and family ministries all her life.  She served alongside her minister husband Ken in local parishes for 30 years. Cheryl has a passion for cultivating intergenerational faith communities.  She loves to see children participate in and enjoy Sunday worship with all ages together (for at least some of the time) and is committed to helping churches discover ways of connecting community children and families with God. Cheryl also loves to equip and inspire parents to share their faith with their children (or grandchildren – Cheryl enjoys trying out faith sharing ideas with her own grandchildren).   Cheryl is based in Dunedin.


Jennie McCullough, Anna Davis, and Amber Parry-Strong are the Children and Families Ministry Enablers for Presbytery Central. This new initiative from Presbytery Central is a result of a survey carried out by the Presbytery, identifying needs in the local church in relation to children and family ministry and mission. Jennie is the Team Leader and is based in Taranaki, while Anna and Amber are based in the Wellington Region, and together they share a full-time role.