In 2020 the Kids Friendly self-review process is being reimagined. Click the link below for a chart outlining the changes to the Kids Friendly self-review process and how they apply to your Kids Friendly church.

Changes to Kids Friendly Self-Review Process


Kids Friendly is a ministry of the children and families department of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our church recognises the vital contribution children and families make to healthy congregations and as a department strives to equip and inspire churches to intentionally minister to and with children and families in their communities.

Our aim is to equip and resource churches as they work to serve the children and families in their churches and communities.

A Kids Friendly church is a place where…
  • Children are welcomed, celebrated and nurtured.
  • Children belong and participate in the life and worship of the faith community.
  • Children can explore, learn and experience the love of Christ.
  • Children are valued for the immense love and life they bring to the whole church family.
  • People of all ages can learn from, respect and appreciate one another.

To achieve this, there is often a need for a shift in our thinking on how we “do” church, and how we value children in our church.  Kids Friendly is a “practise”.

The Kids Friendly team offers churches advice, training, coaching and best practice resources to help them minister effectively to children and families.

Kids Friendly Ideals

We have identified ten key ideals for churches who are intent on ministering to children and families.  Churches who commit to work to become “Kids Friendly” review their ministry with children and families against these ideals using a resource and process developed by the Kids Friendly Team.

Kids Friendly Churches have:
  1. A Heart for Children
  2. Vision
  3. Kids Friendly Sundays
  4. Mission Culture
  5. Valued Children
  6. Valued Children’s Ministry Leaders
  7. A Safe and Healthy Environment
  8. A Partnership with Parents
  9. A Commitment to Self Review
  10. A Kids Friendly Minister
Becoming a Kids Friendly Church

Churches committed to ministering to and with children and families are encouraged to become a Kids Friendly Church. Over 150 Presbyterian and Uniting churches have benefitted from the Kids Friendly Network since its establishment in 2004. Opting to become a “Kids Friendly” church involves reviewing your children’s ministry using our best practice resource “The Kids Friendly Self-review.” Becoming Kids Friendly is not a destination, it is about fostering a culture within your church that welcomes, nurtures and empowers children.

Becoming “Kids Friendly” offers a forum to receive expertise and encouragement from the Kids Friendly office and to share your stories and resources for the benefit of all those intent on ministering effectively to children and families.

Download the process and the application form for becoming Kids Friendly (Presbyterian and Uniting Churches of New Zealand)

Process for Becoming a Kids Friendly Church